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Travel to the Great North

I have been fishing for Atlantic Salmon for 30 years. The considerable experience I have gained traveling the length and breadth of the Northern Hemisphere allows me to offer various types of holidays to lovers of such places and these mighty and fascinating fish.


Norway 2023

11th - 18th of June - 1 available rod

18th - 25th of June - 2 available rods

7 fishing days in private beats and 7 nights by the Austnes Salmon Camp ( on the Verdal river banks, offering cabins with two single rooms and a bathroom with shower. A true paradise for those who want to fish with a double handed rod during the Nordic summer, where the night never comes. Usually, during the first weeks of June, the biggest fishes (5-20 kg) run. The private beat is easy to reach by foot, and entering in the water and casting is simple, also for the less expert anglers.

Top Catch 2022 - 14,6 kg

   "           "    2021  - 16,6 kg

   "           "    2020 - 20 kg

   "           "    2019  -  16 kg

   "           "    2018  -  13,1 kg

   "           "    2017  -  20,5 kg

Norway, june 2022

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Swedish Lapland, June 2019

Swedish Lapland, June 2019

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