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Experience at your service

I have been fishing in the waters of Trentino for over 40 years and, since the mid-1980s, have exclusively used artificial fly techniques. My passion for fly fishing has led me to visit wonderful waters and places around the world. I practice "Catch and release" as a philosophy and do everything I can to ensure that my actions have the least impact on the fish and the environment.


Trentino Fishing Guides

I am part of the TFG Project, a group of people qualified to accompany experienced and less experienced fishermen and women eager to discover the best places to practise their passion.


The Fishing Day

A typical day starts in the morning with a meeting at my office. After a short briefing on the weather, water conditions, and the equipment to use, we decide where to start fishing and the daily permit is filled out.

Once we reach the river bank, the rest of the morning is spent fly fishing. Normally, lunch is eaten on the river bank, and in the afternoon the fishing resumes. The day usually ends at about 6:00 pm.

- The maximum number of participants is 2.

- It is possible to organize a half-day.

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